Canker On Apple Trees


I don't know if you have heard of 'Canker',  but it is a nasty fungal infection that often infects tree barks and Canker on Apple Trees can be a big problem. 
This 'infection'  tends to enter the tree through an open 'wound' and these 'wounds' are very easily caused by bad pruning techniques.
It causes disfiguration to begin with, then it leads to round or oval areas of dead and sunken bark, starting at the 'wound' or bud and if left untreated will kill off the Tree completely.

And… that is not the only damage it can do ….Canker can also spread to your other trees, so it can really cost you a lot of money if you don't learn how to recognise the signs and how to prevent it.
In this case the Canker seemed to go unnoticed and therefore untreated for a long period of time and spread to the other trees, but it is highly likely this whole disaster could have been avoided by:
  • Knowing when and how to prune the Apple trees properly
  • Knowing how to recognise the signs of 'trouble' 
  • Knowing how to treat the problem quickly to avoid it spreading to the other Apple Trees
If you spot an infected area on any of your trees, make sure you completely cut out the infected area cutting back to fresh green tissues. 
You will then need to treat the area with a sealant, so paint it immediately with a protective wound paint such as 'Prune and Seal'.
It is vital to remember to do this in order to prevent the wounds becoming reinfected. 
You can also choose to spray with the copper-containing fungicide such as 'Bordeaux mixture'.
1. Check the Apple trees you are buying for any signs of disease
2. Canker tends to be a lot more prevalent when you have heavy, wet soil. So drainage is very important when you are planting trees.
3. Learn WHEN is the best time to prune your Apple trees
4. Learn HOW to prune your Apple trees correctly, so you are not creating open wounds and leaving your Tree open to infection